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Business to Business Lead Generation at its Best

If you’re looking to improve your business to business lead generation efforts, Matrix Marketing’s online business directory is the go-to solution.

Let us show you how to turn basic contact data into powerful sales leads for your business. By having access to the highest quality business to business leads in the country, you can accurately identify and connect with potential customers and analyse your market.

Our online business directory is managed by a team of experienced researchers who are dedicated to helping our customers better understand their markets.

By supplying our customers with updated information on South African business, we give them access to fresh, accurate sales leads for their businesses on a regular basis.

Armed with the right information, your sales team can better address the specific needs of your prospects, giving them a greater chance of succeeding the first time round.

Our online business directory consists of the following databases:
• Top Corporates. A well-defined and scrupulously researched record of the top 8 000 South African businesses. The information includes data on the largest employers, highest ad-spend JSE listings, top unlisted companies and companies that lead in their industries. More than 50 000 senior decision-makers are referenced, highlighting their responsibilities, position in the company, and job title, and includes detailed contact information.

 SME’S. A comprehensive database of small-to-medium-sized enterprises. This is a comprehensive database of more than 65 000 SME’s in South Africa. It contains approximately 150 000 names of executives, directors and other decision-makers, as well as their contact details. The companies are selected based on the fact that they are actively trading and have requested credit.

 IT Infrastructure. All about software, hardware and IT services in SA. CompuBase contains information on the top 1 250 corporate IT users in South Africa, including the details of the top 15 000 associated decision-makers and buyers in the country.

 IT Resellers. The who’s who of IT service providers. This is a database of approximately 1 750 companies that sell information technology and computer-related products and services. More than 6 500 executives are listed, including their positions and responsibilities, as well as contact details.

 Turnover Indicator. Key financial information on company revenues. It’s difficult enough to find the turnover of a listed company, but it is doable. When it comes to privately-owned businesses, however, it’s almost impossible. Matrix Marketing has developed a proxy table which assesses the probable turnover of a business with remarkable accuracy.

 Organisational Organograms. Insight into company structures and ownership. Listed companies can often be complex entities. If you need to know who owns whom, this database is the perfect solution. It allows you to view corporate and group structures and to see holding companies and all their associated subsidiaries.

Take Your Sales & Marketing Efforts to the Next Level

Along with assisting our customers with business to business lead generation, we also offer sales and marketing management tools that will boost your reach and results.

Below are just a few of the ways that Matrix Marketing can assist your organisation:

• GIS Coding. This geo-marketing analysis tool gives decision-makers the ability to compare and contrast company data on consumers and potential customers, sales patterns and customer trends. You are also able to view your competitive landscape on a digital map and give your business intelligence reports graphic representation.

• Property Research and Analysis. Matrix Marketing has recently undertaken specific research that details certain property fields within its Prospector Base. We now have the ability to determine whether a company’s premises are leased or owned.

• Propensity to Pay. We have always tried to make the process of acquiring new clients, smarter and less time-consuming. In order to do all of the above, we started understanding which clients have a higher propensity to ‘afford’ and pay for new products and services. That way, when approaching a client you can be sure that they will most likely be approved on a credit application, or as a vendor.

• Identify Total Available Market (iTAM). This is the most sophisticated technology available for identifying new business-to-business customers. Your existing client base has a profile that we are able to analyse and identify and then apply to our business databases. Our iTAM software helps you find like-minded companies and identify the total market that is available to your business according to the selectors you specify.

• Sales Calculator. This sales tool assists management in understanding the number of potential clients needed per salesperson based on their personalised targets.

• Matrix Analytics & ROI. By getting under the skin of your salespeople we can gain insights into their specific and individual ‘hot buttons’. By understanding the make-up of customers that your business sells to we are able to create a profile that’s unique to each sales member. By matching this to our library of information we will supply them with ‘like-minded’ companies which should have a higher propensity for sale.

• Usage Reports & Notes Analysis. Matrix Marketing’s online software allows individual users to add specific and personalised notes on companies. Notes added to each company can be exported into an Excel spreadsheet for analysis and imported into proprietary CRM software.

• Bulk Marketing Campaigns. Direct marketing campaigns can be used as a form of communication that will increase awareness and grow your business. We can assist with the setup of these campaigns.

• Monthly/Bi-Monthly Communication. We can assist with personalised and topic-based communication to senior executives within South Africa’s top 8,000 businesses. Campaigns could include several forms of marketing, namely: Telemarketing, postal & email campaigns.


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