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MyMoBi - SA's Leading Sales Prospecting Tool

Research shows that the most common reason that businesses fail is that they do not know their target market.
We have the answer.
Because you can:
– Create personalised leads lists.
MyMoBi allows the individual sales professional to create and work with customised, profiled and targeted leads using intuitive and easy to use filters.
– Search for prospects that look like your successful customers.
Identify your existing customers on the application intuitively finds and recommends additional leads based upon the customers you have identified.
– Add and update client information.
Advise Matrix Marketing of a Customer or Prospect you have but which we do not have on our system. We will research them, add them to your list and reward you with Credits which you can use to export more leads.<
– Pre-qualify a client’s propensity to pay
Pre-empt uncomfortable post-order discussions by targeting clients that are likely to pass credit-vetting due diligence or by guiding clients that may not qualify for an open account to consider other alternatives.
– View your leads on a map.
View your lead on your mobile-based Map application.
Ensure easy route planning.
View similar opportunities in close proximity.
– Earn additional credits as rewards for in-app actions.
Your actions can earn you Credit rewards. Credits are used to export or print information and to generate Lead lists which you use to assist your prospecting efforts. You either use Credits which have been included in your subscription, Credits we have rewarded you with or additional Credits you may purchase to achieve your export goals.

About MyMoBi

MyMoBi, powered by Matrix Marketing, is a mobile application platform providing sales staff with a personalised online business directory and sales prospecting tool.

Its power is in connecting you to the right people for you to approach in companies you have specifically targeted.
Our business directory is updated on a regular basis, ensuring that you always have access to the latest information, research and contact details.

Experience the power of accurate sales leads with a solution that gives you a logically integrated view of customers and prospects.

Our product offering comprises a set of business lead solutions that can be customised according to your business requirements.

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